Exterior Remodel


From cookie cutter to timeless

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A once blank garage façade with yellow aluminum siding was transformed by adding a strongly pitched roof across the front. This balanced the design, by forming a triangle on the front elevation. This triangle and the accompanying moldings and large louvered circle vent help to soften the proportions. The triangle was shingled for texture. Bronze tone Pella two-over-one, double-hung, windows replaced the white originals.

a timeless transformation

Completed front elevation shows the added structural detail over the entry. The new gable projects beyond the original flat roofline and is accented with a small post return. New lanterns are visible at the front door. Notice the dramatic color changes as well as the post details. The view from this direction provides a welcoming effect created by the new details and color palette. Also visible above are the garage façade details and the framing of the new bronze windows with white clad moldings.

From "cookie cutter" to timeless

To bring back and improve on the original details of this house the siding was first removed. This revealed clear outlines of where the original moldings were located. New wide moldings create a triangular outline of the gable. Removing two rows of brick created a better proportion for the new triangle. New shingles complete the area.

Adding a porch roof projection and new spouting give more protection and shade to the porch. The new projection also provides visual interest, by altering the roofline. Adding a 24” round louvered vent creates a focal point for the gable. Shingles provide visual interest and texture.
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This picture completes the transformation. The new moldings, rooflines, shingles, louvered vents and landscape walls are further enhanced by a new and fresher color palette. The once red-orange brick has now been painted two shades of a grayer sage tone. The dark purple brown shutters and the dark khaki fascia trim and spouting help unify the renovation and bring a quiet uniqueness to the home.

A garage covered in aluminum siding, with very little trim, was transformed by new architectural details. A new horizontal shingled roof over the garage door supported by cottage brackets, larger trim on the gable and around the garage door add curb appeal to the home. The front façade was shingled and the entire structure was painted in the chosen house colors.

to the last detail.

Reconfiguring the landscape creates a welcoming approach from the driveway with a curved stone wall capped in stone and topped with a mission style lantern. The space between the front of the house and the new wall was set with pavers and a border detail. Adding full width stairs to the porch and a large copper mailbox complete the entrance.

Everything in design is about texture, color, structure and lighting. What better way to welcome guests to your home than with an overflowing window box. The flowers add a personal touch.